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What is Website?

A website is made by so many pages where you can add so many contain, news, etc. Rather on a website you will find pure news. Because by a website so many people are getting so much data at every moment. On the internet you can find so many websites. After my research i collect so many website types for you
Online business
Social Network
Blog website
Magazine websites

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    What is blog?

    A blog is a page where you will find out so much information. a blog could have been made by so many subjects, just like business, technology, study etc. and must ensure that if you are writing any blog about something you might have the knowledge on that material. for a blog use must choose a niche. Because of this most of the website has been getting down from Search engine ranking. and another reason why your website is getting no more traffic?
    The answer is here. you could not explain more about your niche, because you are lacking this knowledge. or you could not grab the attention of your visitor what they want. so if you want to be a blog writer or want to
    make a blog page first of all enhance your knowledge and know what do a visitor want. So what a visitor wants

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    What is Affiliate Marketing?

    Here is our starting point. First of all you should know what is affiliate marketing?
    Affiliate marketing is a process where you promote other products infront of the consumer, so that they should buy this.
    By buying something which you recommend you will get a piece of profit from the producer or from a company. By
    doing this you can earn a lot of money at home.
    Rather most people choose their job because of easy work, no chain of time. You can call it independent work.
    You can do it at any time.

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    Affiliate network model or how to work?

    Now first we may know how many types of affiliate marketing are here. You will find two types of Affiliate
    marketing. The first one is a process where you promote other products and encourage customers to buy them. By this path the company gives you some commission. The second one is you can deal directly with the producer without contacting any third party.
    company → Affiliate network → Affiliate marketer

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    How to Start Your Affiliate Marketing?

    Before affiliate marketing first you should choose a niche. Then need to find out a company or a product producer who will give you permission to sell their product. Now you can search it by yourself how other competitors sell their product. But if you want to help from us check the below

    Understanding Niche

    Understanding Competitor

    Creating SEO Friendly Article

    Optimize your Website for Ranking

    Type of Affiliate

    Now you know how to start your affiliate marketing. But you are thinking about how many types of affiliates are running at this time?

    Come down, we are here.

    There two type affiliate marketing available

    1. Physical product

    2. Digital product

    How to work affiliate marketing?

    CPL (cost per lead)

    CPS (Cost per sale fixed) like-

    CPS (Cost per Sale Percentage) Like

    CPI (cost Per Install) like any software

    CPD (Cost per download) like game and software

    Best neache idea for blog?

    In the online factor you have so many options for your web niche. But the modern world is changing at every moment. And you must manage with the new world. So for your website rank you should choose the best niche word and which helps you to get the rank on google so easily.

    When I was in your shoes I was so confused. So I research it, and after hard research I got it. So you must choose the best name for your website.

    Think about what the modern world wants, nowadays what fashion is going on? Research on it. But rather you want more suggestions from me ok I’ll help you to find out which will be the best niche for you.

    Here I give you some niches for you. I think  it might help you with your online job.




    Make money online/ marketing

    Check this out. Because those topics are the most searched on the internet.

    How to choose a domain name for blog?

    To start work first you should need to know what is a domain? A domain is used to identify your IP address. For easier here is an example, if you want to buy something and you know a website where you found what you need. And you search it on google like this way…””. right?

    So you probably already know what is a domain by this example. It is like or but you must choose a unique and most famous name that is why your website name might be known by everybody. in this modern age you may get so many domineers from google. but the problem is beginners can not find a domain for their blog.

    Are you suffering how you can get the best domain name for your blog?

    don’t worry, here we are to help you. We told you before that you must have a target on which topic you want to show in your blog. and when you are choosing a topic must notice that the topic is mostly searched by google. After this you should buy a domain where you may choose the best keyword from there.

    Keyword research

    This is one of the most important things for blog/article/content/website. Without keywords the post is not complete. And when you will search a keyword mind that the keyword must search in google.

    Because most of the articles can not rank on Google for keywords. Work hard when you are researching your keyword for your product or niche website. In these lines you understand how important it is for an article or website.

    If you don’t know how to find out the best keyword check the link.

    Best 10 domain provider?

    By searching on google you will find so many domain providers. but we have got so many texts that they lost their money by buying a domain from fake domain brokers.

    now you might fear about that?

    please do not worry. We are here to help you, how to come out or look over fake domainers. Here we provide the best 10 domainers who are not fake and give you so many offers for your domain. check this.

    Best 10 hosting provider?

    You did everything and it went very well. But there is a little bit of a problem. You need a hosting provider who helps you to make your website alive. Now I got it in your mind is a giddy question: what is hosting and hosting provider? No need to stress. I’ll tell you everything that you need.

    Hosting is a virtual estate where every blog, article and everything lives. And the hosting provider is helping you to activate your website 24/7 days. If you are seeking a domain without hosting there will be no work. If you want that your website may work all the time and must show to other websites you must need a hosting provider. A hosting provider does all work for you.

    Now may be thinking that there is any free hosting for you.

    The answer from me is no. Here are some best and affordable hostings, I suggest for you.

    A2 Hosting – Fastest Shared Hosting.

    Bluehost – Best Overall. Visit

    HostGator Cloud – Best Cheap Cloud. Visit

    Hostinger – Cheapest Price.

    GreenGeeks – Best “Green” Hosting.

    DreamHost – Pay Monthly, No Higher Renewals.

    SiteGround – Best Customer Support

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    Setup  WordPress (Content Management System)  website

    Now if you are in this stage you are mostly near to your goal. Now we are telling you how to set up your WordPress (CMS) website. But before doing this choose the WordPress theme. Then choose the plugin. But most beginners are thinking that the WordPress setup is too hard to think. For them cool down.

    Why  are we here? Because of you.

    So now we will teach you how to setup WordPress and how to run easily

    Best 10 wordpress themes for blogging?

    So after domain and hosting we have come here to know about word press themes. By a theme you can build your website design as you want. You can find so many themes online. And those are for various sectors. Like for office, for business, health etc.

    But I recommend you use the WordPress theme because of many reasons. Most one is it’s soft to use. It is mostly used by bloggers. Because it is mainly famous for its flexibility and for its features. By using WordPress you can customize your theme and create your own unique website for you.

    Rather you can get the word press theme without any cost. But you will have so many themes online which is premium. But remind that the theme of your website is most important for your visitors. Only the best and unique design can attract those visitors who have visited your webpage.

    10 best WordPress theme for your website

    Best assancial plugins for blog?

    Plugins are application software. And when you use it you can add so many additional functions. The plugin helps you to show the additional function when a visitor will visit your website.
    Now you’re thinking how to get the best plug-in for your website?
    Hey, we are here. There are many ways to get the best plugin for your website.
    Besides custom plugin you can store your function for your website. If you are fearing losing your theme code do not worry you can save it here. So if you want to know more check this

    Best email marketing plugins for blogs?

    Now here we come to email marketing. Everything is going through online. Nowadays Everyone is used to buying something online. Even if you have a small stall shop you must want its advertisement.

    And if you need an advertisement you must need a website. And you must need the news of product updates on your website for your customers. so all doing this you need an email account.

    but when you work on it, remind yourself that you must have a button for subscribers. Because when you update your data they can know it very easily. So are you curious about it?

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    How to get a sales funnel?

    After hard work you are trying to sell your product. But I know you can not sell your product so easily. Because I passed out at this stage. So I know how to increase your sales. Here are some tricks.

    For your sell you must need a niche. Because without choosing a niche if you post your product you can not sell so highly. There are so many reasons. If you choose a niche like “”. on this website you are selling medicine. It’s ok. But if you sell gaming materials or virtual things it will affect your website.

    Because gaming or virtual material are not related to health.

    So now you may understand it.

    After this you need the best article for your website. We have talked about this before.

    Now you need a landing page. Now you are thinking about the landing page.

    Landing is another page where it leads visitors to subscribe or follow to your website.

    How to sign up for an affiliate network?

    After the sales funnel we are here to know how to sign up an affiliate network. Before the affiliate network you should find out the best company like Amazon or Alibaba.

    Then you can sign up there. Here check the link to more

    How to join a self hosted affiliate program?

    Like a2hosting

    So in this blog you learn so many things such as how to start an online journey, how to improve your website. But now we are here at this stage of what is “self-hosted affiliate program”.

    Yeah I understand so many questions are gidding in your mind. Do not let your mind be exhausted.

    Now without wasting your time we should come to the point

    self hosted affiliate programme is.

    How to market physical products in multiple countries?

    So everything is done. Now we will sell all the products which we selected for our website. But there we’ve got a problem. How can I share my affiliate link worldwide?

    When I completed all my work, I realized that my affiliate link had just sold the country which I had got the affiliate link. but at that time if anyone bought any product from my link with the country I didn’t get any link I can not get the profit that I need. So I researched on it how to create a link worldwide, then I get it. I found a website where I connect all country links where I impart my affiliate link in front of the world. Do you want to know more about this?

    Please check this.

    After fill up the job, it’s time to write Article

    Type of Article (Details):

    We told Before you how many types of articles you could write. But here we will tell you what you should write in an article, in which way you can rank in the article. Everyone can write an article about any topic. But you will find so many pro writers. Why are they called pro writers?

    Yeah, obviously you are telling yourself that they know so many tricks that’s why they are pro. So you want to write an article?

    Check our best article writer. Which tricks are they applying in their article?

    Type of blog

    So many people ask me what is a blog and what should they write in a blog.?A blog is a description where you can explain what you need to explain. And you can write anything in a blog but mind it what you write it must be related to which topic do you want to describe. There are so many types of blogs you can write. As an example, here you are reading its blog and it’s called affiliate marketing. But you can make more here you can check

    Requirement for SEO friendly article

    Title length 60 character & use focus keyword in title

    Choice 80+ headline score in post,

    hading Analyzer

    Meta description length 155 to160 characters (or 20-25 words) & use focus keyword in meta description of what your page is all about.

    Use an internal link in the first 200 words.

    4. Use focus keywords in the first 150 words.

    5. Use focus keyword in heading tags.

    6. Use LSI(Latent semantic indexing)/ Long Tail Keywords & synonyms keyword in article.

    7. Use Keywords in the Last 200 Words.

    8. Focus on 10 main keywords total per article (primary, secondary and additional).

    All about images

    For the best attraction of a website is depending on images. Because when a visitor will come and see that there are not good or quality full images here he/she may exit from the webpage.

    A post is 60% depends on images. The best images may give you good traffic. Rather most people can not set the beat feature image for their blog. But we can help you choose an image for your post.

    How to get traffic on your website?

    Every webmaster wants huge traffic on their website. Because if you have got huge traffic on your website your website will rank on google so highly, even you can get more benefits from so many visitors.

    But for this you should need a good website, where everything includes what a visitor wants.

    So you are falling a whole and thinking what is needed for your website?

    Now I’m telling you what you need to make the best website. First you need the best article for your website. Because when a visitor will come into your website and read your article if she/he does get any curiosity your website will collapse slowly. So you need a good neat and clean article for your website. Which will grab the attention of your visitor.

    What is On Page SEO?

    Here you are thinking what is on page SEO? How does it work? How can you control it? Is it smooth or not?

    Wait, please come down and read between the lines. Here we are to help you to know what is on-page SEO, how’s it work.

    Now let me tell you what is on-page SEO. SEO is all about what content do you need for an article. Learn more by clicking

    What is Off page SEO?

    We have already completed on page SEO. Now here we come to discuss off page SEO.

    Off-page SEO is work for your website. It helps to rank your website on google. It plays an important role in websites like on-page SEO. But both are the two sides of a coin. So let’s come to the point that how you can use it to get a better website.

    What is backlink?

    Now you are thinking what is the backlink. A backlink means a link to another website. You can get a backlink from any website. But if you get a good back it will help you to rank on google. To get the best website check the link

    What is web2.0 blog commenting?

    Now you are too near to your goal. You might have seen at any website a secure email box anywhere. In this box by giving your mail address you can talk or chat with the website member.

    If you are interested check this

    What is Push notification?

    Push notification is an option whereby using or pressing yes you will get all the updated information. But do not confuse between push notification and app push notification.

    Any website or any company shows this when you enter their homepage or any other page.

    Now you might have a question: if you see this, what will you do?

    Here we are telling you the advantage and disadvantages of push notification and all about push notification

    How to ad in social media?

    When you enter social media’s most popular page you might have seen so many advertisements on other websites or other things. It’s called a social advertisement. Do you know by showing this advertisement they get so much profit on the website which you have already entered?

    Even most of the websites are getting famous on this path. So if you want to advertise your website this is the best way.

    In this stage you are thinking how can you add an ad on your website?

    It’s too simple to do. Just sit, relax and read between the lines. I’m telling you how to add social media. But you must know that trick what the audience wants

    Payment method

    There are two ways for payment(international). One is paypal and the second one is payoneer

    How to sign up payment method————-PayPal/Payoneer

    So you’re starting to earn. But the problem is how can you get the money without any bank account. Though if you are not a European person, you should have this account PayPal/Payoneer.

    But you don’t know how to sign up into PayPal or Payoneer.

    Hey, we are here to help you. Now follow the rules to how to sign up your account

    Company name register

    What is the company’s registered name? How its work huh? Come down we are telling you everything. First of all why should you do this? Okay here I’m giving an easy example for your understanding.

    Umm thinks you have 5 restaurants. And another person got 3 shops in the same state. And the shop names are the same. For this the customer of each shop gets confused for the same name. If those shops get a company register name the do not confused

    Check the link for more details and how to register a name for different countries.

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